Housing and Urban Development Secretary Mel Martinez Visits Peace Corps

{'html': "WASHINGTON, D.C., November 27, 2001—The Honorable Mel Martinez, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, visited Peace Corps Headquarters today to participate in the Director's Forum.

Secretary Martinez, the highest ranking Hispanic-American appointee in the Bush Administration and a member of the President’s cabinet, oversees the federal agency that creates opportunities for homeownership; helps create, rehabilitate, and maintain the nation's affordable housing; provides housing assistance for low-income persons; helps the homeless; and enforces the nation's fair housing laws. HUD also works with local communities to help them meet their development needs while taking a leadership role in the national dialogue on growth management issues.

During his remarks, Secretary Martinez expressed a long respect for the work that Peace Corps volunteers do and Martinez identified an international program at HUD that addresses the housing needs in some Latin American countries. He also noted that there are many opportunities for volunteers to work with HUD and expressed hope that the Peace Corps and HUD could work together on relief projects for areas damaged by natural disaster.

“We are deeply honored that Secretary Martinez was able to visit,” stated Acting Deputy Director Lloyd Pierson, “his remarks were excellent and were appreciated by our headquarters staff.”"}

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