Director's Welcome

Maura J. Fulton, Country Director
Maura J. Fulton, Country Director

Welcome to Peace Corps Myanmar, the 141st (and newest) Peace Corps country program!

I am excited to share with you our work in The Golden Land. In 2013, the Government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar invited Peace Corps to establish a program and, in 2014, they signed a bilateral agreement with the United States to establish a Peace Corps program! After building our partnership, we welcomed the first group of short-term Volunteers in 2016 and the first group of two-year Volunteers in 2017. 

We are so privileged to partner with the Ministry of Education to strengthen teacher capacity and provide student classroom instruction. Our Volunteers take on the respected role of teacher in public middle and high schools and work side by side with local Myanmar teachers of English. Throughout history, the English language has played an important role in Myanmar in education, political, and social spheres. Myanmar citizens are very motivated to learn English for academic and professional advancement. And our English education project assists with the Government of Myanmar’s plans to align student learning outcomes to the rapidly evolving needs of the emerging economy. It’s such an exciting time to be here.  

Along with the technical assistance we offer in English education, our Peace Corps Volunteers facilitate cultural exchange and build friendships that last a lifetime. Our Myanmar hosts have warmly welcomed us to this beautiful and diverse country and we are strengthening our relationships with people at the grassroots level. 

Volunteers and staff are excited about the work we do and are glad you decided to visit this site to learn more about the projects and activities that are underway. If you are interested in applying to serve the people of Myanmar as a Volunteer you can learn more about us here and by exploring our active Facebook page. We do hope you’ll join us! 

In peace and friendship, 

Maura J. Fulton, Country Director
Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, Micronesia (1995-1997)