English Theater: Getting Students Excited to Learn a New Language

By Michelle Miller
Jan. 17, 2020

As a Community Health Volunteer in Zambézia Province, Mozambique, one of the projects I started is English Theater. English Theater is a group that writes, practices, and performs a play in English for the final competition held in each province. Every year the English Theater Committee selects a theme related to health and social rights. For example, this year the theme was “ending childhood marriages”.

The students in the group are super motivated and asked to continue practicing theater and English throughout the year. We made our group into an English Club where we talk about human rights and health issues. There is one student, Argentino, who is in the 10th grade and is taking an English class. He had some questions about his homework, so I’ve been tutoring him and helping him prepare for his tests. He would stay late after each English Theater practice to ask questions and to work on his homework.

The day after his test, he texted me saying that he earned a 20 on his test (which is 100%)! My heart was so happy when I read his message. I am so incredibly proud of him. Hard work and lots of persistence really do pay off. I am excited to see what other amazing things he will accomplish with his ambition and dedication.

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