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Stories from Mozambique

Every Peace Corps Volunteer has a story to tell. Read stories from Volunteers about what it's like to live and work in Mozambique.

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Indonesia sunrise

Rise with the sun.

Feijoada from Mozambique
Peer educator training

PYXERA Global has worked with corporations, governments and social sector organizations in more than 90 countries over the past 26 years. 

Can you imagine a Google Map that doesn't show a drug store where you can buy family planning materials or feminine hygiene products? 

mozambique what community means to me

I don’t believe I ever realized the true importance of community until I came to Mozambique.

Step 2: Peel

A few months into my Peace Corps service in the bustling border town of Milange, Mozambique, there was one thing I truly missed from home: peanut butter.

Guatemala smile

Sometimes all it takes is one smile to make a Volunteer feel right at home.

“Wow. I just wish the world could see how beautiful they are."

One thing that you must first understand is that a stereotype exists in Mozambique about fathers. 

Pineapple season is a very short time in Mozambique. 

serve with your spouse

When Dan and I got engaged, I was still in college. Most of our friends viewed our engagement as somewhat of an oddity. They humored us — helping us prepare and make favors and select songs for the reception — but I don’t think that they ever really understood us. Not entirely. Nowadays, it’s kind of weird to get married young.

Moldova Volunteer Albert Sou reading to kids

Beginning in 1986, I served as an early childhood teacher trainer in Haiti. 

VIDEO: Stomping out malaria goes local

Volunteers are making a difference for people in host communities by working across Africa to prevent malaria, educate and support people who are afflicted or at risk.