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Projects in Montenegro


Project Goal
Develop teaching and learning capacities in English language.

Project Objectives

  • Use of co-teaching approaches for planning and presenting English language lessons, as well as promoting gender equity.
  • Creating opportunities for practicing and improving English language skills.
  • Supporting extracurricular activities for English, Youth, and leadership skills development.
  • Implementing school facilities improvement projects.
  • Providing non-formal English education to community members

Volunteers are assigned to primary schools (1st – 9th grade) or secondary schools ( 10th grade and beyond) and co-teach with one or more Montenegrin English teachers. Volunteers are expected to cooperate and work alongside their teacher Counterpart, whether it be for lesson planning or co-teaching in the classroom.

Volunteers’ work will focus on improving English language skills of students and teachers and introducing new teaching techniques for teachers. After school hours, Volunteers cultivate other non-traditional learning events such as English clubs or other activities that promote the speaking of English and/or youth life skills development. During the summer, Volunteers may implement summer activities in their communities such as summer camps or other student-centered events, engaging in youth development.

All Volunteers learn to speak the local language as this is a key tool for work and integration into their community.