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Stories from Moldova

Every Peace Corps Volunteer has a story to tell. Read stories from Volunteers about what it's like to live and work in Moldova.

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Students recycle materials at a school in Rîșcani.

Imagine driving down a highway, smoke fumes engulf the vehicle and you can almost taste burning garbage within the car.

joining the peace corps at 63 david jarmul and wife champa

Before my wife Champa and I joined the Peace Corps at age 63 to volunteer in Moldova in eastern Europe, people asked us how we’d feel to be surrounded by Volunteers younger than our two sons.

Volunteer Jessica dancing with the community member

Floral scarves. Mosaic art. Parks, cows, singers and the Oreo cheesecake at a local coffee shop. These are just some of the things I’ve liked during my two years as a health education volunteer with the Peace Corps in Moldova.

Moldovan women performing African dances.

A former dancer and choreographer from Harlem initiated an African dance class at the public library of her host community.

English Education volunteer Champa J. and her host mom Nadejda Ciornea

Peace Corps Volunteers are honoring local people who inspire them with a social media campaign called “Super Moldovans.”

Volunteer Israel shares about her home state with a community member.

Peace Corps Week is a seven-day celebration of the founding of Peace Corps in 1961 and all the great things we’ve done since. 

Photography workshop

MOLDOX is an international film festival that works to teach the many driven women and young girls in Moldova how to use film and media to bring about social change. 

Happiness is international: Peace Corps Week in Moldova

We followed Peace Corps Week 2015 in the midst of preparation for our own service. 

Lisa Gill works with a student at a career program in her community.

Older Americans who think about joining the Peace Corps have lots of questions. 

Moldovan youth tackle gender norms at Camp GLOW TOBE

As a Peace Corps Volunteer in Moldova, it is likely you will overhear comments on the role of gender in society on a regular basis.

Bringing learning to life in a Moldovan classroom

Imagine a small, sparse English language classroom in rural Moldova.

Orhei Vechi (Old Orhei)

Bine ati venit în Moldova! [Welcome to Moldova!] 

Turul Moldovei by the numbers

This June, seven Peace Corps Volunteers started gathering in Bălți, the third largest city in the Republic of Moldova. 

Changing a nation with Technovation
Happiness is international: Peace Corps Week in Moldova

The Peace Corps turned 55 years old this year!

Sarmale Moldova

Next time you're in Moldova, bring your appetite.

VIDEO: Peace Corps celebrates Older Americans Month

Peace Corps Volunteers of all ages are called to serve overseas. 

I spent the week embarking on a serious, in-depth and investigative journalistic interview process. My subjects? Two nine-year-olds who grew up 5,000 miles apart from one another.

Returned Volunteers help small-time global artists enter large-scale markets

Vince Hartman knows that international artists have quality products and the business instincts to flourish.

Technovation Challenge, Moldova

Last January, my girlfriend proposed that I organize and lead a group of girls from my school, in rural Moldova, to participate in an international coding and business competition for girls called Technovation Challenge.