Director's Welcome

Tracey Hébert-Seck
Tracey Hébert-Seck, Country Director for Peace Corps Moldova

Welcome to Peace Corps Moldova! Volunteers and staff are excited about the work they do and are glad that you decided to browse this site to learn more about the projects and activities that are underway.

In 1993, the Government of Moldova invited Peace Corps to begin a program. The initial focus was on building capacity of Moldovan English language instructors. Government representatives hoped that well-developed English language skills would help citizens to participate in the international community and global economy. As a result of the success of this activity, Peace Corps was requested to expand its programmatic scope in order to meet the growing needs of the country.

Currently, Volunteers work in four project areas: English Education, Health Education, Community and Organizational Development, and Small Enterprise Development. In line with the Peace Corps ethos, Volunteers live and work in the communities they serve, which in the case of Moldova, primarily rural areas. Along with their Moldovan counterparts, Volunteers are i) supporting teachers, students and community members to strengthen their English language skills, ii) partnering to develop knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to lead healthy and productive lives; iii) working with community-based organizations and local public administrations to strengthen leadership skills and organizational capacity, and iv) helping rural businesses, entrepreneurs, and incubator organizations to create new and enhanced economic opportunities and development.

If after perusing the Peace Corps Moldova site, you are interested in applying to become a Volunteer – or to host a Volunteer in your community, you will find helpful information on this website. We hope the collage of pictures and information we have assembled gives you an idea of impact and contribution this partnership is making to Moldovan communities. Now, more than ever, Peace Corps Moldova is here to promote world peace and to strengthen the bonds of friendship.

Tracey Hébert-Seck
Country Director