Stories from Malawi

Every Peace Corps Volunteer has a story to tell about their Peace Corps experience. Read stories from Volunteers about what it's like to live and serve in Malawi, the Warm Heart of Africa.

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Two Malawian females walk down a beautiful, and orange flower-filled village path carrying wood on their heads

My abode sits in a little nook within the confines of my school’s campus, protected by tall walls made of brick and shaded by the canopy of fruit frees: mango, papaya, and banana. You can sprawl out on my front porch, close your eyes, and hear nearly everything. 

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Five Response Volunteers stand infront of the Lilongwe airport with their luggage

Peace Corps service has been a lifelong dream of mine. And I mean Peace Corps’ life, not mine…because I am older than the Peace Corps!

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A male Volunteer sits with three Malawian campers under a tent outside.

As I climb in the tuk-tuk (a small motorized covered almost-tricycle-like thing—you know what, just google it, this is a bad description), I ask the driver “how much?” in Chichewa. He answers and then I get in. Then the familiar question comes: “How long have you been in Malawi?” “Chaka chimodzi,” I answer. One year.

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Two Malawian sit together and write in notebooks in a classroom.
So why did someone with a degree in writing not immediately start writing about this, the experience of a lifetime, Peace Corps, the Olympics of international volunteering in the US? Doesn’t every writer dream of having something like this to inspire them? Read More
Volunteer Erica and their counterpart bend over a hole to plant a tree sapling.
On a day exactly like all the other days endlessly chained together during pre-service training – a literal lifetime ago – I found myself innocuously sitting in the grass near the football grounds in our training village. Read More
An older female Volunteer teaches a older Malawian female how to ride a bike
I am sitting at my brand new table, hand-made by the local carpenter in front of my living room window overlooking a sea of jungle green that grows between my front porch and the tarmac. Read More
Peace Corps Malawi Volunteer running to hug her host mother

I stare at the smoking mbaula with complete frustration. My watch beeps, signifying that, yes, 9am is here and, yes, I have tried to meticulously light this fire for the past hour. All I want are eggs for breakfast, but it seems like I will be drinking my coffee with charcoal smoke and an empty stomach.

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Two Malawian women wash clothes at a borehole
I don’t think a place on earth exists where people don’t talk about water. Read More
A group of teachers in Malawi hold hands in a line as they do a team building activity outside
I was exhausted as I prepared for my journey to a refugee camp in central Malawi in order to train teachers on teamwork and collaboration. Read More