Stories from Madagascar

Every Peace Corps Volunteer has a story to tell. Read stories from Volunteers about what it's like to live and work in Madagascar.

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Gathering more information for the puberty book

I started serving in Madagascar in March 2013, and it is hard for me to imagine a more rewarding or exciting opportunity than the chance to return to the country I had grown to love and appreciate during my two years as a Peace Corps Volunteer. 

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Gabrielle Skillings Let Girls Learn Madagascar

Many Peace Corps Volunteers find that some of the most impactful and meaningful projects involve educating and training youth.  

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gabrielle teaching

TEFL Volunteers at three pilot posts began their training in 2014 with online courses, and in the two years since then, have participated in teacher training at their posts, taught English classes with host country partners, shared experiences with other Volunteers in communities of practice, honed their classroom skills, and much more.

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Guatemala smile

Sometimes all it takes is one smile to make a Volunteer feel right at home.

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Improving rice farming in Madagascar
Nathaniel Delafield

Peace Corps service teaches you so much about yourself, and it challenges you to get through situations that you might simply avoid in other contexts. 

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VIDEO: What did learning a language do for you?

You’re probably familiar with Spanish and French, but what about Sesotho, Malagasy, Khmer or Thai?

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Jessie Beck teaching

It’s hard to know what to expect as a Peace Corps Volunteer. So when I was nearing the end of my two years of service in Madagascar as an Education Volunteer, I reminisced about the things I wish I had known before my departure.

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VIDEO: Stomping out malaria goes local

Volunteers are making a difference for people in host communities by working across Africa to prevent malaria, educate and support people who are afflicted or at risk. 

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