Stories from Macedonia

Every Peace Corps Volunteer has a story to tell. Read stories from Volunteers about what it's like to live and work in Macedonia.

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6 counterparts we're thankful for

When a Peace Corps Volunteer arrives in their host community, they’re paired with a counterpart.

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Kyle Butcher 1

After college I was working as an associate scout for the Toronto Blue Jays when I realized that I could make a life of serving our country and the citizens of the world. 

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Natasha Chavradovska 1

I first heard about the Peace Corps in 2011. 

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View from my apartment, Joe Martin

After a career in business and government, I joined the Peace Corps in 2012 and was assigned to Macedonia. 

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David Strouse Macedonia

I’ve heard that smell is the sense most strongly attached to memory. 

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Nuse, Darsme, dhe Dhëndër (Bride, Weddings and Groom)

This week I was invited to the four-day wedding celebration.

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A proud scholar at Peace Corps University

Far away in a foreign land known as the Kingdom of Thailand in southeast Asia, reclined on the bed in my humble abode as a study abroad student, I'm watching a commencement ceremony on YouTube. 

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Last year, by accident, I signed up for the Krali Marko 65-kilometer Ultra in Prilep, Macedonia, and figured, "At least I can try."

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