GRS at New Site – Mateboho Mapesela

Jan. 24, 2023

I am Mateboho Mapesela, a former Koali Primary School teacher and GRS Coach. I have changed sites and currently teaching at Leqele Primary School. I did Skillz when I was a teacher at Koali Primary School.

I have learned that Skill’s content is important and relevant to teenagers/adolescents, especially those living in Urban areas. Therefore, I continued the intervention at Leqele Primary School even though the school is not one of the PC/Lesotho-supported schools.

During Skillz, intervention participants opened and started spreading what they learned to their peers and parents. Most parents met with me during parents’ meetings and expressed their gratitude that their children have changed. They attested that they learn a lot about HIV prevention, SRH, and GRS from the Skillz Players. The teachers at my new school are also very supportive, and some joined the intervention as participants.

I managed to do Skillz intervention with a total of 92 learners (Grade 7). One Skillz Player opened up and shared his story of emotional abuse. The perpetrator was his uncle. Together with the school authority we managed to report the matter to the relevant authorities, and it has been addressed.