Stories from Lesotho

Every Peace Corps Volunteer has a story to tell. Read stories from Volunteers about what it's like to live and work in Lesotho.

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Marie Fitzsimmons and Kirk Peters with Frank and Anitha- school leaders

Muraho.” “You are there.” It is the greeting of Rwanda. And as it is said in Lesotho, “Ka mosa.” “Even after.”

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Travis D. Wohlrab

Never had I felt more welcomed in an unfamiliar setting in my entire life than in Lesotho. 

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VIDEO: Hospitality in Lesotho

Volunteer Jeff Duck takes us on a walk through his village in Lesotho.

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Literacy Lab LGL

Happy International Education Week!

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Heather Mangan

I couldn’t do the Peace Corps because I had student loans. I couldn’t do the Peace Corps because it would break my mother’s heart to leave for two years. I couldn’t do the Peace Corps because I was on a career path and volunteering would certainly disrupt my professional climb.

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Blanket-wearing weather

Winter in Lesotho means it is time for wearing blankets. 

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Aparna Jayaraman Lesotho

The first time someone called me “white” was November 2011. 

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Jacqueline Muhammad home and family

One of the most difficult experiences for me during my Peace Corps service was being in the presence of locals who thought I was Basotho. 

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Byron Williams

In celebration of Black History Month, Peace Corps Diversity Outreach Specialist Byron Williams discusses how his experience living and working as a Black American in sub-Saharan Africa helped to fortify his racial identity. 

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