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Country Director's Welcome for Kenya

A passport photo of the new Peace Corps Kenya Country Director Kateri Clement
Kateri Clement, Country Director

Recent history has demonstrated to everyone across the globe the importance of our connections to each other. Our world is connected by the push and pull of the global economy, our vulnerable bodies, and the impacts of a changing climate. Through our actions, we can improve or undermine any one of these as we seek to live our lives. Sometimes trying to meet our individual needs while honoring these global connections can feel overwhelming.

For me, service is the antidote to the malaise of the post-pandemic disruptions, economic uncertainty and climate change impacts that are all around us. Service is a way to turn our focus outward even as we build inner skills and acquire knowledge needed to responsibly build our shared future. As Martin Luther King, Jr., said, “An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.” As a Peace Corps Volunteer, to be successful, you will have to rise above your individual concerns. During service, you learn firsthand how we are all connected and how you as an individual can contribute to the larger goals. Volunteers have an opportunity to give of themselves and get things done by learning and doing and adding value to local knowledge, lived experience, and the culture of respect they find in host communities.

Do you want to serve like this? Are you someone who is adaptable, resourceful, innovative, and resilient, who is dedicated to making the world a better place even when it may be difficult or uncomfortable? Are you interested in working with Kenyan partners to facilitate development in underserved communities?

If your answer is yes, I welcome you to Peace Corps Kenya. As a people-to-people development agency, understanding and respecting other cultures is crucial to our success. Volunteers assist Kenyan communities by sharing their skills and experience. They build understanding by living in local communities and working alongside local people. This day-to-day interaction gives Volunteers a unique perspective and the opportunity to address development challenges while strengthening mutual understanding.

The Kenyan government has been steadfast in its desire to have Peace Corps Volunteers return to country since the last two-year Volunteers left in 2014. Our experience since has shown that Volunteer work in Kenya is as vital as ever. Help us build on that strong legacy. Join us at Peace Corps Kenya.

Karibu Kenya!