Director's Welcome

Kury Cobham
Kury W. Cobham

Greetings from the Co-operative Republic of Guyana the "land of many waters," (kindly, not to be confused with the African nation of Ghana or our neighboring South American cousin, French Guiana).

Since 1961, the mission of Peace Corps remains singular and unchanged:  to promote friendship and world peace, one person at a time. We have been playing our part towards this mission since 1966 with (to date) close to 900 Volunteers serving in the areas health, education and environment; living and working alongside the Guyanese people; sharing their aspirations; challenges and celebrating their achievements.

From indigenous villages in the grasslands and rainforests of the Rupununi, to bustling coastal towns and villages; from the meandering black-waters of the Essequibo and the Pomeroon, to its vibrant capitol of Georgetown, Volunteers serve in all 10 regions of the country to support the advancement of a better future for all through sustainable initiatives requested and supported by the Government of Guyana.

Through living with host families, working with local counterparts, and based heavily on their own curiosity, commitment, humility and humor; Volunteers become integrated into communities; gaining tremendous understanding and insight that deepens the irreplaceable cultural exchange which lies at the heart of Peace Corps.

Peace Corps Guyana continues to achieve success due to the intertwined and supportive roles and responsibilities taken on by the community (made up of counterparts, host families, Volunteers and staff) we build and foster every day. Our hosts (the Guyanese people) lead and Peace Corps follows; providing reinforcement, expertise, creativity and the willingness to share of ourselves and our experience.

Have no doubt, serving in Guyana will pull and stretch your mind, body and spirit in ways you might not have expected. But, never fear, the country will give back as much if not more than you could ever imagine. Your service in Guyana will be an experience that you will appreciate and value for the rest of your life.

Kury W. Cobham
Country Director
Peace Corps Guyana