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Country Director's Welcome for Guyana

Deborah Conner Country Director
Deborah Conner

Hello from the Cooperative Republic of Guyana!

Guyana is known as the ‘land of many waters.’ Once here you can see the rivers, canals, wetlands, and coastal tidal pools. It is a sight to behold the green of the lush forests, and the brown/black, murky waters of the ocean, rivers, and creeks.

The country of Guyana is an amazing place, and it is going through unparalleled economic growth from the discovery of oil off the coast which is being developed by the energy company ExxonMobil. This newly found wealth is having an impact on all aspects of life in Guyana from potential new employment opportunities for young people, the rapid increase in the cost of goods and services, and the potential for negative environmental outcomes if this is managed poorly. Much of the population live on the coast, so the ‘hinterland’ is a vast area of untouched forests, vast open savannas, with stunning waterfalls, and thousands of rivers and streams and home to the indigenous peoples. Eco tourism is a focus of the government, and many lodges are popping up that promote activities that encourage sustainable management and utilization of the amazing natural environment of Guyana.

Since 1961, the mission of Peace Corps is: to ‘promote friendship and world peace’, we do this by working side by side with community members and host country partners. In Guyana we have supported the mission since 1966 (a break from 1971 to 1995) with more than 1,400 Volunteers serving in the areas of adolescent health, early literacy, and the science environmental education programs. All two-year Volunteers are assigned to a school and work in partnership with their respective school community.

Peace Corps Guyana works in partnership with the Guyanese government and follows their guidance as to the geographical location and role our Volunteers play in the knowledge exchange between Volunteers and Counterparts as they teach and work with Guyanese students and community members.

Peace Corps Trainees live with host families while completing a nine-week pre-service training in a coastal community in Region 2. They learn from their host families about life in Guyana and they take these skills with them when they move to their permanent site. The very experienced Peace Corps staff provides technical training on specific sectors, reviews Peace Corps policies and each team provides the Trainees with the information needed for a safe, healthy, and productive service.

In year one Volunteers focus on their immersion into the community and their co-teaching and student pullouts in literacy, health, or science and in year two they expand their scope and work on afterschool activities and other community led and community developed projects.

Currently, Volunteers work in nine out of the ten regions in Guyana. Peace Corps Response Volunteers serve in Georgetown and two-year Volunteers are posted along the coast, in and around regional towns, inland in riverine communities, and in the hinterland living in indigenous villages.

Peace Corps Guyana has moved past COVID constraints and have had four cohorts of two-year and Response Volunteers. We are just over 40 Volunteers strong and look forward to welcoming two new cohorts in June 2024. We encourage you to apply to Peace Corps Guyana for an opportunity that will expand your skills and enable you to learn and grow professionally and personally. Guyana is a rich, beautiful, and ethnically diverse country with many communities that will welcome a growth minded Volunteer who is looking for a professional opportunity to experience a unique service journey.

Deborah Conner

Country Director
Peace Corps Guyana