Director's Welcome

Welcome to the website of Peace Corps Guatemala. This site was developed to provide you with information, advice, and resources concerning life as a Peace Corps Volunteer and our programs in this country.

Alexis Vaughn
Alexis Vaughn, Country Director for Peace Corps Guatemala

Since 1963, Volunteers have worked hand-in-hand with the people of Guatemala to advance our mission of promoting peace and friendship through technical training and cultural exchange. Though many aspects of Volunteer service have changed over the decades, this remains our guiding principle. The superb staff of Peace Corps Guatemala will provide you with the necessary technical and cultural training, medical care, and safety and security guidance to empower you to continue the stellar legacy of community service established by those who came before you, but as any Volunteer will tell you, your success is determined by you. Do you have initiative? Are you resilient? Can you respectfully live and work in a culture that is different from your own? Are you a problem solver? Can you cultivate meaningful relationships within the community you serve that support you through your service and leave a positive lasting impact? If you can honestly answer “yes” to these questions, then you can be a successful Peace Corps Volunteer in Guatemala.

As you explore our website, give yourself over to your imagination. Visualize the green hills, the colorful indigenous wardrobes, the clear lakes, the cool mountain air, and the simplicity of a humble life. Think of the challenges of being away from home, learning a new language, adapting to a different family, and being readily recognizable wherever you go. Think of the knowledge you will gain, the lifelong bonds you will form, and the adventures you will experience. Try as you might to imagine all of these things, the result will pale in comparison to the life you will actually live as a Peace Corps Volunteer, but on behalf of all the Staff and Volunteers in Guatemala, we invite you to entertain the possibilities.



Alexis Vaughn

Country Director

Peace Corps Guatemala