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Country Director's Welcome for Ghana

Welcome to Peace Corps Ghana. In August of 1961, Ghana became the first country in the world to receive Peace Corps Volunteers. After 55 years of uninterrupted collaboration, we have approximately 150 Volunteers serving in all 10 regions of the country, at any given time. Our volunteers generally serve in three capacity-building sectors: agriculture, education and health. Additionally, the majority of our volunteers work in one or more of the following cross-sector initiatives: HIV/AIDS Awareness & Prevention; Food Security; and Gender & Youth Development.

The goals of Peace Corps Ghana are to promote sustainable development, and to build mutual cultural understanding on the part of Americans and Ghanaians. We achieve these goals by encouraging our volunteers to work with community members to address issues in ways that are sensitive to the cultural values and consistent with the available resources of their communities. Our volunteers supplement host country efforts, they do not serve as a substitute for those efforts. Our volunteers work with an aim of reducing dependency through achievement of developmental goals defined by the Ghanaian government.

We believe that "development" is a learning process, in which the people involved are developing skills, know-how, confidence, and the ability to identify and address issues that affect them on a daily basis. Peace Corps Ghana is proud of the role that we have played in Ghana’s development as an independent nation. We look forward to remaining an active partner with Ghana as she strives towards achieving sustainable socio-economic development by 2020.