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Country Director's Welcome for Fiji

Photo of Country Director and quote

Bula (Hello)!

Thank you for your interest in learning more about Peace Corps’ work in Fiji.

No matter your attraction to this page, we welcome you. Potential Volunteers, post staff, Returned Peace Corps Volunteers, host community members, U.S. government officials, Government of Fiji partners, like-minded agencies, family, friends, and other interested individuals have contributed to the success of Peace Corps Fiji since our arrival into the country in 1968.

In partnership with many of the above actors, we advance our newest project framework which works to enhance the sustainable economic development of our partner communities. Peace Corps Fiji completed the first out of five to seven-year of engagement against the Community Economic Empowerment Project (CEEP) framework that was conceptualized in partnership with key stakeholders and approved prior to the onset of COVID19. In April 2023, we placed the first set of CEEP Volunteers to offer 2-years of support to partner iTaukei villages.

The goal of the CEEP is to enhance Fijian contributions to the economic advancement of their households and communities. To meet this goal, Volunteers work with village counterparts to accomplish the following objectives:

  1. Build and enhance community groups’ capacities to use project design and management practices;
  2. Improve individuals’ (especially women and youth) capacities to implement income-generating activities; and
  3. Increase individuals’ capacities for personal money management.

Furthermore, we are incorporating climate action efforts within the CEEP platform. This year, we are excited to support youth climate education, action and behavior change activities to our portfolio.

In addition to our 2-year Volunteer Service program, Peace Corps Fiji offers other services models to further our collaboration and support to the people and Government of Fiji. We engaged a Virtual Service Pilot Participant in support of market women’s economic empowerment during a 6-month assignment last year, as well as recently re-initiated our Peace Corps Response program, welcoming two skilled Volunteers to provide professional expertise in response to the specific expressed priorities and need of one of our key partner ministries.

On behalf of the entire Peace Corps Fiji team, we look forward to your joining, partnering, and/or following us on this incredible and rewarding journey of learning, discovery and service. I hope you enjoy exploring the information, advice and resources contained within the associated links concerning service as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Fiji.

Vinaka Vakalevu (Thank you very much)

Kury Cobham, Country Director, Peace Corps Fiji