About Service

Do I get paid as a volunteer?

You will receive a monthly in-country living allowance that you will use to pay for expenses as a volunteer. You will also be accruing a monthly readjustment allowance which you will receive as a lump sum when you have completed your service.

How can I contact current or recently returned Volunteers to ask them about their experiences?
You can find Volunteer stories on the Stories page of our website. To connect with a returned Volunteer, contact your local recruitment office and speak with a recruiter. As almost all recruiters are returned Volunteers, they can talk with you about their personal experiences as a Peace Corps Volunteer or put in you touch with a returned Volunteer who lives in your area.
If my partner/spouse or someone in his or her immediate family has a terminal illness or dies during service, will I be able to accompany them back to the United States?
Emergency leave may be authorized if a member of the Volunteer’s immediate family (a parent, spouse, sibling, child, or grandchild related to the Volunteer by blood, marriage/civil union/domestic partnership, or adoption) has a terminal illness or dies while the Volunteer is in service. A country director may authorize a Volunteer partner/spouse to accompany the Volunteer whose family member is affected.
I have dietary restrictions and/or food allergies. Will this affect my Peace Corps service?

There may be various challenges to maintaining your diet in many of the countries where Volunteers serve, including cultural norms and limited availability. Visit Countries to select a country where you want to serve and read more about Food and Diet in the Preparing to Volunteer section in each country. You can also contact a recruiter to learn more.

May my minor children accompany me during my Peace Corps service?

Minor children are not permitted to accompany Peace Corps Volunteers. If you have dependent children, you must ensure that adequate arrangements have been made for their care and support during your Peace Corps service.

What if a family emergency occurs while I am serving?
If a serious illness or death occurs in your immediate family, the Peace Corps allows a two-week leave period and pays for your travel home. Immediate family is defined as spouse, parent, sibling, child, or grandchild. Volunteers may take leave and travel at their own expense for emergencies affecting extended family, with their country director's approval. Read more about staying in touch with friends and family by visiting the Family and Friends page.
What is housing like?
The Peace Corps requires you to live in Peace Corps-approved housing, which will vary by country. In most countries, Volunteers are required to live with a host family for pre-service training and, in certain countries, Volunteers live with host families for the duration of their service. Visit the Housing and Site Location in the Preparing for Service section of the Countries where you would like to serve, or contact a recruiter for more information.
Will I be the only Peace Corps Volunteer in my community?
Depending on your site placement, you may be the only Volunteer in your community, which will help foster integration. In many countries, Volunteers live with a host family during service. Typically, there are opportunities to see nearby Volunteers on weekends, holidays, and for training sessions and collaborative projects. Visit the Housing and Site Location in the Preparing for Service section of the Countries where you wish to service, or contact a recruiter for more.