West Side Wednesday Summer Story Slam Series #6: Faux Pas Funnies

Discover the benefits of Peace Corps service from returned Volunteers. Integrating into a new culture is hard, and sometimes you won't always get the nuances right on the first try — leading to hilarious (and sometimes embarrassing) situations. Join us as we listen to Volunteers share funny stories from their service about a time when they made an accidental cultural faux pas: from saying the wrong word and completely changing a sentence, to using the wrong hand to greet someone with. We've all been there and if you can't laugh at yourself and learn — well what's the fun in that? Please note this event will take place online rather than in person. Please register in order to gain access to the event.

For questions about this event, contact Brianna Maltez.
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If you require a reasonable accommodation when attending a Peace Corps event, please email Brianna Maltez and provide details of the reasonable accommodation you are requesting.
Event ID: 5cdb3c0d-13b5-eb11-8139-005056af48c9

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