Peace Corps Week: Around the World

Travel the world through the eyes and experiences of international Volunteers during Peace Corps Week. Enjoy photos, videos, music, and more from returned Peace Corps Volunteers who have served around the globe. Have your questions answered and talk with local Peace Corps staff about the application process. *Registration is required by Sunday March 1st for security clearance. Enter on the 25th street side of the Vertical Campus, there is a doorway to your left leading to the multipurpose room on the right.

For questions about this event, contact DuVale Riley.
Want to learn more about the Peace Corps? Read about our Volunteer programs.
If you require a reasonable accommodation when attending a Peace Corps event, please email DuVale Riley and provide details of the reasonable accommodation you are requesting.
Event ID: 6f45ef3a-6b43-ea11-8128-005056af48c9

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