Peace Corps in Ethiopia

There are more than 195 Volunteers in Ethiopia working with their communities on projects in education, the environment, and health. During their service in Ethiopia, Volunteers learn to speak local languages, including Afan-Oromo, Amharic, and Tigrinya. More than 3,725 Peace Corps Volunteers have served in Ethiopia since the program was established in 1962. 

Current: 195
To Date: 3725
Program Dates
1962-1977, 1995-1999, 2007-present
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Volunteer Openings in Ethiopia

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Agriculture and Nutrition Development Worker

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Community Health Educator

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Agriculture and Nutrition Development Specialist

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As the face of the American people, Volunteers help the peoples of both our countries come to understand the other – to break down the barriers and misconceptions that too often separate us – and to help us all to recognize not only the values we have in common, but to appreciate the unique contributions that every culture and country adds to the tapestry of our world. In our times, the Peace Corps Volunteer is needed more than ever.

Brannon T. Brewer, Country Director

Current Projects in Ethiopia

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Contributions to the Ethiopia Country Fund will support Volunteer and community projects that will take place in Ethiopia.

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