Staff Photo 2018
Peace Corps Eswatini Staff in 2018

Glenda Green, Country Director (CD)

The CD oversees the entire Peace Corps mission in Eswatini, including staff and Volunteers. S/he is responsible for the overall welfare of all Volunteers and is the official liaison with Peace Corps Washington, the Government of Eswatini, the American Embassy, PEPFAR, NGOs and other agencies. S/he has direct delegation of authority from the Director of Peace Corps in Washington.

Tenhlanhla Thobile Dlamini, Executive Assistant/Communications Specialist

Responsible for the Country Director's calendar by scheduling all appointments, filing, covering the front desk, updating sharepoint on staff absences, monitoring staff's annual leave balances, taking care of Volunteer packages, making sure time sheets are submitted in time among many other office duties.

Ted Peck, Director of Management and Operations (DMO)

The DMO is responsible for PC/Eswatini’s administrative management, including supervision of all administrative staff; budget and fiscal planning, execution and reporting; cashier oversight; procurement; vehicles; equipment maintenance; and lease and contract negotiations. It is the DMO’s job to verify expenditures and manage PC/Eswatini’s property and resources. The DMO is also responsible for human resources and personnel management. The DMO ensures that Volunteers receive allowances, per diems, and reimbursements in a timely fashion.

Vacant, Director of Programming and Training (DPT)

Thandi Mkhabela, Volunteer Support Specialist (VSS)

The VSS provides administrative and technical support to Peace Corps Volunteers, staff, and partners related to the youth development and health projects of Peace Corps Eswatini.

Musa Malaza, Programming and Training Manager (PTM)

The PTM is responsible for many aspects of programming and training in Eswatini and supervises the Program and Training staff to ensure appropriate site identification and placement, strong and relevant PCV/T training events, and a meaningful and impactful Volunteer experience. The PTM serves as the primary point of contact for Programming and Training issues with Headquarters in Washington, DC.

Pamela Mhlanga, Program Manager Community Health

Amelita Munroe, Program Manager Youth Development

The Program Manager for Youth Development and Community Health are the Volunteers’ direct supervisors. S/he is responsible for program implementation and revision; technical, administrative and moral support; and host country counterpart relations. In most cases, s/he is the Volunteer’s first point of contact for non-medical aspects of life and work in Eswatini.

Khombisile Gumedze, Program Manager - Response 

The Program Manger is responsible for implementing sound programming and providing direct Volunteer support and supervision to her technical sector. She is in charge of establishing and maintaining strong relationships with the agencies to which Volunteers are assigned. Over the two years of Peace Corps service the Volunteers will have the most contact with their Program Manager. She determines what type of trainees Peace Corps Eswatini should request, researches and selects viable and safe Volunteer sites, and monitors the progress of each Volunteer in his/her sector.

Carol Mshabayiwa, Programming and Training Assistant Health

Makhosazana (Khosi) Malinga, Programming and Training Assistant Youth

The Programming Assistant assists the Program Managers in planning, management and implementation of all programming, project and training activities for Volunteers. This position coordinates health and youth development technical training and PEPFAR activities at Peace Corps Eswatini. This includes leading workshops, advising/counseling Volunteers, training counterparts, Volunteers and staff and coordinating the monitoring and evaluation data for grant funding.

Takhona Mkhabela, Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator 

Mfanafuthi Vilakati, Safety and Security Manager (SSM)

The SSM coordinates efforts by the post to provide timely and effective safety and security support to Volunteers.  The SSM is responsible for giving comprehensive safety and security training to Volunteers throughout their service.  The SSM duties also include receiving and reporting crime incidents to the local police and making follow ups thereafter. The SSM also does regular updates of the Peace Corps Eswatini Emergency Action Plan and gives training on it to both Volunteers and Staff. SSM is also directly involved in site selection and visits each site to asses it before a Volunteer is placed there.  They are the main safety and security point of contact for Volunteers. 

Mbali Dlamini, Safety and Security Assistant (SSA)

Nichola Shongwe, MD, Medical Officer (PCMO)

The Medical Officer ensures that volunteers receive adequate medical care whenever necessary.  The PCMO helps to inspect housing, provides recommendations related to health and sanitation, and leads training sessions regarding personal health and wellness.

Anne Borrel, RN, Medical Officer (Part-time)

The Peace Corps Medical Contractors are responsible for establishing and managing the in-country Volunteer Health Support Program, as well as assisting in the provision of a wide range of medical services to Volunteers and Trainees.

Nelsiwe Hlophe, Medical Secretary

Assist with prescriptions refill and other medical tasks/IT back up duties

Bongani Shiba, Training Manager (TM)

The Training Manager is responsible for coordination, management, and implementation of all PC/Eswatini training events including Pre-Service Training and In-Service Training. They ensure that training activities meet the overall goals and needs of Peace Corps Eswatini program. They also oversee all Volunteer language training.

Simphiwe Fakudze, Language and Culture Coordinator (LCC)

The LCC is responsible for providing Post and PCVs with information related to local customs and language in Eswatini. The LCC plays a major role in PST and other PCV training's by planning language and culture lessons, supervising and training language trainers, and assessing PCV language acquisitions during Pre-Service Training (PST). The LCC conducts language site visits to new PCVs, trains PCV language tutors, and assists the Training Manager as needed.

Sidzelile Manyatsi, Cashier

The Cashier serves as assistant to the Director of Management and Operations in a variety of administrative tasks specifically in cashiering operations, serving as the administrative unit liaison person for all payment and advances made by Peace Corps Eswatini to Volunteers, Trainees, staff and vendors. The Cashier also assists with Inventory Management and Volunteer Living Allowance payments.

Phindile Gololo, Financial Assistant (FA)

Lungile Dlamini, Financial Administrative Assistant

The Financial Assistant supports the Director of Management and Operations in a variety of administrative, financial, and logistical tasks, including: budget analysis, voucher payments, procurement, Pre-Service and In-Service Training expenditures, readjustment allowance payments, staff travel, Volunteer medevacs, emergency and Close of Service travel. The FA is also a contracting officer for Peace Corps Eswatini.

Thulisile Bhembe, General Services Manager (GSM)
The GSM manages Peace Corps property and facilities. The GSM also coordinates procurement, contracts, and vendors doing business with Peace Corps Eswatini. In addition, she oversees the work of the General Service Assistant.

Bongani Ndzabandzaba, General Services Assistant (GSA)

The GSA overseas the motor pool unit at Peace Corps Eswatini and assists the GSM with procurement activities. In addition, he coordinates the work of the Driver/Clerk and Drivers.

Vacant, IT Specialist (ITS)

The ITS maintains all Peace Corps Eswatini computer systems and other information technology equipment. The IT Specialist provides training and support to all staff members who use information technology and ensures that these technologies are properly protected and used in accordance with Peace Corps guidelines.

Sipho Sydney Mbhamali, Driver/Clerk/PST Logistics

The Driver/Clerk and Drivers ensure that vehicles and Peace Corps properties are well maintained, Volunteer and staff mail is delivered, and daily errands are conducted as well as supporting with Pre-Service training planning, property and logistics at training facility.

Norman Thwala, Driver

Mazwi Ngcamphalala, Driver

Malungisa Carmen Dlamini, Driver 

Norman Banele Mdziniso, Driver/Clerk
The Driver/Clerk and Drivers ensure that vehicles and Peace Corps properties are well maintained, Volunteer and staff mail is delivered, and daily errands are conducted.