Director's Welcome

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Country Director Glenda Green

Sanibonani (Greetings) from Eswatini!

Since the first group of Peace Corps Volunteers arrived in Eswatini in January 1969, more than 1,700 Volunteers have served in this small yet mighty Kingdom. They have worked in the education, agriculture, community health and youth development programs along with our newly introduced global health service partnership program supporting Peace Corps Response Volunteers. Peace Corps Eswatini has one of the most dedicated 30 professionals on staff that are here to support you on your journey over the next 27 months. You will be welcomed by some of the most hospitable people in your communities who you will be able to safely say are your family.

Eswatini is a small country in sub-Saharan Africa. The tiny Kingdom has suffered from having the highest HIV/AIDS prevalence in the world and Peace Corps Volunteers have been working hard towards an HIV free generation in their communities, clinics and schools. We have seen BRO (Boys Reaching Out) and GLOW (Girls Leading Our World) clubs being started, playgrounds being built, economic empowerment classes being taught and libraries being renovated all in the hopes of empowering the people and future generations to make a change. The work will not be easy, there will be times when you struggle and question if you are making a difference. What I would say to you is enjoy the journey...persevere and create bonds that cannot be broken. Because Eswatini will take hold of your heart and it won't let go.


Glenda N. Green
Country Director
US Peace Corps Eswatini