What Habitat Am I?

This lesson inspires students to be creative in acting out different world habitats.


To learn about animal habitats


  • Paper for writing habitat names
  • Pins or tape


30 minutes


This is a variation of the previous animal charade game, except in this case, kids are trying to guess habitats instead. 

First, make sure the kids know what a habitat is (an animal’s home), and give some examples (forest, desert, river, ocean, meadow, the North Pole, etc.). Now organize the kids into teams of two to three and give each a different habitat. They must then act out their habitat until the other children guess which one it is. For example, in the meadow habitat, one child might be a deer, another some grass, another the sun, and another a snake. In a river habitat, two kids might be water, one might be a fish, and one might be a rock. Encourage them to be creative and not to stop acting out their habitat until the other kids have guessed what they are.

This lesson plan is an activity from the Environmental Activities for Youth Clubs and Camps, a resource developed by the Peace Corps Office of Overseas Programming and Training (OPATS). It was contributed by Peace Corps/Armenia.

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