Tree Life Cycle

Act out the life cycle of a tree as a group.


To learn the life cycle of a tree


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15 minutes


Gather the kids so they can see and hear you. Ask them to act out the life cycle of a tree as you describe it, perhaps acting the life cycle out yourself as you do! Tell the kids the following:

  1. You’re a seed! (Curl up in a tight ball.)
  2. You’ve sprouted! (Uncurl and kneel.)
  3. You’ve grown a branch! (Stick up one arm with fist clenched.)
  4. You’ve grown another branch! (Stick up the other arm.)
  5. You’ve grown lots of leaves! (Wiggle your fingers.)
  6. You’ve grown tall! (Stand up with feet together.)
  7. You’ve spread out lots of roots! (Spread feet apart.)
  8. You’ve grown lots of little roots! (Wiggle your toes.)
  9. You’ve been attacked by insects and fungi! (Start scratching all over.)
  10. You’ve been hit by lightning! (Make a loud noise.)
  11. You’ve become a home for wildlife in your old age! (Smile and sigh.)
  12. Woodpeckers peck into your dead wood! (Make a hammering noise and vibrate.)
  13. You blow down in a storm! (Make a creaking sound and fall down.)
  14. A new seed sprouts from your rotting wood! (Stick up one arm while lying down.)

The kids can also act out their own tree life cycle or think of other events that might affect a tree.

This lesson plan is an activity from the Environmental Activities for Youth Clubs and Camps, a resource developed by the Peace Corps Office of Overseas Programming and Training (OPATS). It was contributed by Peace Corps/Armenia and Peace Corps/Mexico.

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