Sports and Cultures

Students will consider the role of sports in a variety of cultures.


Through an article covering the introduction of ultimate Frisbee to women in Cambodia, students will begin to develop a better understanding of the role of sports in cultures other than their own.


  • Students will be develop insight on the role of sports in a variety of cultures.



  1. Ask students to read the WorldView article “Ultimate Frisbee Fever in Cambodia: Teaching leadership to Khmer women through the spirit of the game.”
  2. Ask if anyone plays Ultimate Frisbee and can demonstrate to others.
  3. Ask questions such as: What were advantages of introducing this sport to women who have not taken part in athletics before? What is the value of participating in athletics for men, for women? In what ways is sport something that crosses cultures? How many of you watched World Cup soccer last summer? In what ways are sports culturally bound? What areas in sports and culture would you like to know more about, to research?


  • A social studies or English teacher could organize students into research teams based on their interests and current issues, both in the US and around the world. Presentations could be information oriented if the topic is “The History of Title IX” or “Concussions in Sports” or “Muslim Women Athletes in the Olympics” or “The Afghan Women’s Cycling Team.” A controversial issue such as “Should NCAA Athletes Be Paid?” could be tackled by a debate. The topic “How Ultimate Frisbee is Played” could be a demonstration in conjunction with PE.
  • An English teacher could ask students to read Braizitis’ novel or short story. Check out the short story “’Magic’ Pablo” with lesson plans online.
  • Showing a film like “Invictus” might be a way to conclude a study of sports and cultures.

Framework and Standards

Enduring understandings

  • Sports play a huge role in many different cultures, such as bringing people from completely different backgrounds together, combating gender inequality, and serving as an area of common ground across cultures. 

Essential questions

  • In what ways can sports impact a culture?
  • In what ways is sport something that crosses cultures?


  • BS 12.02
  • BS 12.10
  • BS 12.12

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