Our Promise

Brainstorm commitments that can be enacted in daily life to improve the environment.


To focus environmental club members on the environment; to inspire members to carry out environmentally sound personal behaviors


  • Flip chart paper
  • Large sheet of cardboard, or cloth
  • Markers
  • Paint for thumb or handprints (optional)


15 minutes


Gather the group of kids and ask them to prepare a list of environmental behaviors that they will commit to follow as best they can. You can title the paper, cardboard, or cloth flag “Our Promise” and include a subtitle such as “We promise that we will protect our environment.” You can start each action idea with “We will...” It’s best to keep the promises positive, as in “We’re going to throw trash in the trash can,” versus “We will not throw trash on the ground.” To complete the activity, each kid can sign their name, or kids who can’t write yet can draw something to represent themselves. They can also add a thumb or hand print. This commitment may be posted wherever the group meets.

This lesson plan is an activity from the Environmental Activities for Youth Clubs and Camps, a resource developed by the Peace Corps Office of Overseas Programming and Training (OPATS). It was contributed by Peace Corps/Dominican Republic.

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