Peace Corps and STEM

Committed to creating opportunities in STEM education and careers, The Paul D. Coverdell World Wise Schools program and educators are finding ways to focus on this transformation in the 21st century.

Below is a listing of events, activities, and resources to engage your learners. Check back periodically as this page will be updated.

Watch RPCV Astronaut in Space

View recorded NASA stream

On February 7, we went live from space with Peace Corps and RPCV astronaut, Joe Acaba, to answer questions gathered from around the world by learners, including many Peace Corps posts. The event was shown live on NASA TV.

STEM Opportunities for Learners

The Paul D. Coverdell World Wise Schools program hosts resources, stories, activities, and lesson plans engaging in STEM education around the world. View the materials to share with your learners!

NASA hosts online resources for learners to engage in STEM education, for both formal and non-formal education. Have your students find a project or activity to increase their interest in STEM education. View more.

STEM Opportunities for Educators

If you're an educator looking for opportunities to work with education and STEM experts, there are many free resources for you to expand your skill set.   Participate in STEM conference.

Get Social

There are many ways through social platforms to promote STEM education. In the 21st century, it is important for educators to use all tools to reach their learners, and these are a few ways to gain interest through these platforms. Snap photos of your students sharing what STEM education has taught them. Tag @PCThirdGoal on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram, and use the hashtags #PeaceCorpsSTEM and #HowISeeSTEM. 

Connect your classroom with Peace Corps Volunteers 

The Global Connections program allows your learners to interact with Volunteers and their host countries and cultures, including STEM education. There are many ways to interact. You might exchange pictures or letters, facilitate a webchat discussing weather patterns, or write a blog together about water experiments. Volunteer stories, projects, and experiences can provide U.S. students with unusually candid firsthand perspectives of cultures worldwide, views not usually accessible through textbooks, films, and other familiar media.

Invite a returned Peace Corps Volunteer to speak to your learners

Returned Volunteers involved in the Speakers Match program introduce your learners to the Peace Corps experience and allows they to learn about STEM education abroad. Invite a returned Volunteer to speak to your learners around a specific topic, area of the world, or using the language of their Peace Corps service.

Further Resources

Visit the NASA Education website for other resources, educational downlinks, and programs to join in furthering STEM education. See more of our lesson plans focused on STEM. 

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