International Education Week 2023

International Education Week (IEW) is November 13 - 17, 2023. IEW is a week-long, global initiative that promotes the benefits of international education and programs that prepare students for global citizenship.

During International Education Week (IEW), we celebrate the benefits of intercultural exchange and building connections. Through formal education in classrooms and informal education with friends, family members, and communities, members of the Peace Corps network shine a light on the diverse languages, cultures, traditions, and values of communities around the world.

Below, find a listing of events and activities to help you celebrate this week, along with stories and resources to bring global education to your learners.

Special Events

Peace Corps Events Near You

Peace Corps recruiters in many regions are hosting locally-based events to share information about the Peace Corps experience, how to apply to be a Volunteer, and Peace Corps service sectors. Interested Peace Corps service? Speak with a recruiter at an event during International Education Week. Find an event near you.

Additional International Education Week Events

Institutions from around the world have added their celebrations to the International Education Week website. Visit the website for a full listing of resources, events, and programs to join in the celebration and further global education. If you are hosting your own celebration, make sure to add it to the website.

Programs and Resources

Connect with a Peace Corps Volunteer

Through the Global Connections program, you can connect your learners with current or returned Peace Corps Volunteers who can introduce learners to the community in which they served, share their experience with learning a new language, or speak to how international service impacted their career path. Request an in-person or virtual presentation, or sign up for a pen pal, email or content exchange. This program is free and available to everyone. Request a Connection

Global Education Resources from the Department of State

The U.S. Department of State and the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs offers Teacher Exchange programs and resources to support K-12 educators in the U.S. and worldwide. These resources include a suite of free online courses, which are designed to support educators in fostering students’ global competence while engaged in virtual instruction.

Explore Educator Resources

Implement global perspectives in your classroom using the free lesson plans, stories, and activities available in our Educator Resource library. These resources, which are drawn from the Peace Corps experience, cover a wide range of subject areas and grade levels. Our newest resource uses short videos to help students explore the concept of home in Cambodia, Guatemala, and Guinea. Check out the videos below, then review the full Highlighting Home lesson plan.

Volunteer Emily Babcock highlights home in Cambodia.

In Cambodia, close-knit families make a place a home. Watch this video to learn some Khmer words for family members.

Volunteer Patrick Garrett highlights home in Guatemala.

Watch to learn about the integral role that corn plays in Guatemalan homes.

Volunteer Luke Simmons highlights home in Guinea.

Watch to learn more about the typical day of a woman in Guinea, and her efforts to create a home.

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