Foreign Language Activity: Numbers

This activity helps students practice speaking and listening to numbers.


To practice their numbers, students as a class will count up or down in any language, but as a game with one important rule




5-10 minutes


  • Choose a language for this lesson, and teach students the numbers in that language if they do not already know them.
  • To practice numbers, tell students you want to play a numbers game with them.  The objective of the game is to accomplish the following:  Working together as a class, they must count up from (number) to (number), but random students must shout out the numbers one at a time. 
  • Rule: If two or more students say a number at the same time, they lose the game and have to start again at the beginning.
  • One student cannot say two numbers in a row (e.g. one student cannot say “12”, “13”).  Once students understand the game they will have fun with it and realize that doing this is more difficult than it seems!
  • You can then have students count down instead of up if you'd like.  You can have them count up by twos (e.g. 10, 12, 14).  You can change this game in many ways like this, including changing the lanuage, and can continue the game as long as students remain interested.

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