Best Practices: Global Connections Presentations

Suggestions to make your Global Connections presentation enjoyable and relevant for your audience

Global Connections  gives schools, community groups, organizations, and after school programs access to returned Volunteers – free of charge – to serve as guest speakers. Consider the tips below to help ensure the success of your planned speaking engagement.

Understand What to Expect

Once you submit a request for a virtual or in-person speaker, the Global Connections program sends you a list of returned Volunteers in your area who participate in the program. We also sends your request to each of those returned Volunteers and the local Peace Corps recruiter. It is your responsibility to reach out to the Returned Volunteers and schedule the event, but occasionally the potential speakers will contact you first.

Be Responsive

If you have changed the time or cancelled the event, please inform the speaker. If a potential speaker contacts you and you are no longer interested or have already found a speaker, please let the returned Volunteer know they are no longer needed.

Communicate Expectations

Provide information about your learners to your speaker, such as size of audience, age, grade, and subject. Set expectations for the length and content of the presentation. Let the speaker know what technology is available (if any), and the format of the session (large group, assembly, class, or small group). Provide objectives for the session, and information on how the speaker’s session fits into your curriculum or plan.

Prepare for the Visit

Before the speaker arrives, teach your learners about the Peace Corps and where Volunteers serve. If you know where your speaker served, learn more about the country through our blog or educational resources, including lesson plans, essays, folk tales, poems, and recipes. Consider teaching a lesson about intercultural understanding.

Share Your Experience

We always appreciate photos and stories about your event. We also appreciate feedback about our program to help us learn our successes and areas of improvement so we can continue to provide a relevant program. We will reach out after your engagement to learn about your experience. Feel free to email us any time at [email protected] with feedback or questions.

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