Correspondence Match

Your connection to a Peace Corps Volunteer can enhance your students' learning in any subject area.


There are Peace Corps Volunteers in every region of the world working at the grassroots level. Their stories, projects, and experiences can provide U.S. students with unusually candid firsthand perspectives of cultures worldwide, views not usually accessible through textbooks, films, and other familiar media.

PCV working with children in Nicaragua

Interacting with a Volunteer

There are lots of ways to interact, and you're not limited to a penpal exchange. The time commitment is also up to you and your Volunteer to determine. See the Correspondence Match Handbook for more guidance and interaction ideas.

More than half of currently serving Peace Corps Volunteers participate in the Correspondence Match program, and educators can match with more than one Volunteer at a time. More than one teacher or group leader can be matched a school or in a community, so spread the word.

I encourage every single one of you from grade K to 12, please connect with the Peace Corps and a Volunteer who's in the field. The relationship can be as simple as a monthly email. It’s free, and you can do amazing things in your classroom to encourage global education.

— Audra Schmitt, Global history and geography mentor teacher, Rochester, N.Y.