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The application process begins by selecting a service model and finding an open position.

Peace Corps Volunteer
2 years, 3 months
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Peace Corps Response
Up to 12 months
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Virtual Service Pilot
3-6 months
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Let us help you find the right position.

If you are flexible in where you serve for the two-year Peace Corps Volunteer program, our experts can match you with a position and country based on your experience and preferences.

Serve where you’re needed most

The George Washington University - School of Nursing

About this program

After making significant contributions to communities around the world, leverage your expertise to serve the health care needs of the diverse communities in Washington, D.C. and around the nation. The George Washington University School of Nursing (GW Nursing) offers Returning Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs) an outstanding opportunity to build on their skills and education for a new career in nursing.

RCPVs are uniquely positioned to make an immediate positive contribution to direct patient care, community health, health care policy, and leadership, both locally and globally. Your skills at problem-solving, collaboration, and managing projects with limited resources make you a valuable asset to interdisciplinary health care teams. On these teams, you have the potential to lead change and make a significant impact on nursing care in diversity-rich and underserved communities. Your skills are directly aligned with the GW Nursing mission to, “prepare leaders and providers to improve the health of all people by leveraging our presence in the nation’s capital.”

As a Peace Corps Coverdell Fellow, you’ll receive a $28,320 scholarship to use toward tuition and fees for your nursing program.

Your Peace Corps experience strengthens your application, and you’ll receive specialized career mentoring from the Coverdell Fellows Program Mentor.

You'll have opportunities to become involved in community programs throughout the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area and serve communities during clinical experiences.

You'll take courses or seminars focused on community engagement and population health and social justice and you’ll participate in service-learning activities in local Washington, D.C. communities.

  • Year partnership began: 2019
  • Fellowships awarded per year (average): 3

Application requirements

Official transcripts from each institution attended, essay, resume, two letters of recommendation, official Peace Corps Description of Service, and foreign coursework evaluation (if applicable).

Admissions process

You'll indicate your interest in the Coverdell Fellows Program on your application to The George Washington University School of Nursing.

Degrees awarded

Accelerated Bachelors of Science in Nursing

Benefits and opportunities

In-state Out-of-state
Tuition and fees $80,470 $80,470
Value of fellowship $20,117 $20,117
Net cost $60,353 $60,353

Net cost is equal to tuition/fees minus fellowship value. For some universities, the fellowship value includes non-tuition/fee benefits such as health insurance or housing. See cost savings details for more.

Estimated annual cost of living: $25,000

Cost savings details

$20,117.50 scholarship


The accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN) program is a fast-paced, 15-month program that includes more than 500 clinical hours. Coverdell Fellows will complete all clinical rotations in medically underserved areas in Washington, D.C., taking into account the students Peace Corp experience and long-term career goals.

Other opportunities

RPCVs are eligible to apply for additional GW Nursing merit or endowment scholarships and may apply to participate in the Washington Squared or GW Scholars Program. These opportunities provide students with immersive clinical experiences at either MedStar Washington Hospital Center or GW hospital. Scholars also receive a 50% tuition benefit and guaranteed employment at the institution where they trained.

Jobs for alumni

Our alumni find jobs in a variety of health care settings, generally immediately upon completion of their nursing program. Students who participate in our hospital partnerships (GW Scholars and Washington Squared) are guaranteed employment following graduation.

Nontraditional options

Contact information

Cody Smith
Senior Financial Aid Officer




[email protected]


The George Washington University School of Nursing
1919 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Suite 500
Washington, DC 20006