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Pacifica Graduate Institute - MA in Counseling Psychology

About this program

Supervised practicum traineeship provides students the opportunity to apply clinical counseling techniques in a clinical setting.

  • Year partnership began: 2016
  • Fellowships awarded per year (average): 4

Application requirements

Applicants must have a bachelor's and/or master's degree from a regionally accredited or state-approved institution of higher learning. The program values individuals whose backgrounds include work in social, religious, or human services; academic training in psychology or the humanities; and experience in personal therapy. Successful applicants will also exhibit a curiosity about the psyche and demonstrate respect for the diversity of life and human experience.

Admissions process

Prospective students are asked to submit an online application at The fee is waived for Coverdell Program applicants. Other documents to submit include: resume, personal statement, and writing sample to the Office of Admissions. To complete the application file, official sealed transcripts and two letters of recommendation with recommendation forms should be forwarded to Pacifica Graduate Institute by the appropriate parties. Upon the Admissions Committee's review and recommendation, applicants will be invited to an admissions interview.

Degrees awarded

Master in Counseling Psychology with Emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy, Professional Clinical Counseling, and Depth Psychology

Benefits and opportunities

In-state Out-of-state
Tuition and fees $76,142 $76,142
Value of fellowship $17,525 $17,575
Net cost $58,617 $58,567

Net cost is equal to tuition/fees minus fellowship value. For some universities, the fellowship value includes non-tuition/fee benefits such as health insurance or housing. See cost savings details for more.

Estimated annual cost of living: $24,395

Cost savings details

Application fee waiver; $17,500 tuition waiver ($1,750 for ten quarters of on-campus coursework).


As students learn to become effective therapists, a practicum in a fieldwork setting is required during the second and third year of graduate study at Pacifica Graduate Institute. The practicum is an integral part of the Clinical Practice sequence of courses; lectures, experiential exercises, and assignments are grounded in the practicum experience.

Other opportunities

Jobs for alumni

Nontraditional options

Classes for the Counseling Psychology Program take place in nine three-day sessions, approximately once each month during fall, winter, and spring, and one week in the summer. This format allows students to live in their home communities and travel to campus when the program is in-session.

Contact information

Dr. Matthew Bennett, Psy.D.
Co-Chair, Department of Counseling




[email protected]


249 Lambert Rd.,
Carpinteria, CA 93013