Director's Welcome

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Greetings from the Ecuador, the “Middle of the World.” While the country’s namesake belies its location on the Earth, the climates are as diverse as its peoples and their cultures. From the Amazon jungle to the snowy Andes, from the tropical coast to the unparalleled Galapagos….the opportunity for service through the Peace Corps is abundant.

Since 1961, the mission of Peace Corps remains singular and unchanged: to promote friendship and world peace, one person at a time. We have been playing our part towards this mission since Peace Corps’ inception in 1961 with (to date) close to 7,000 Volunteers serving in the areas health, education and youth/family development.

Peace Corps Ecuador’s strategy strives toward measurable and sustainable development impact with realistic project goals, objectives and indicators that align with the development goals of Ecuador.

Volunteers work hand-in-hand with local counterparts in selected regions of the country. Living and working alongside the Ecuadorian people, sharing their aspirations and challenges as well as celebrating their achievements. The success of their work is contingent upon their integration into the communities they serve. They live with local families who become their cultural guides. Volunteers share in local culture, celebrations and even hardships, fully immersed in a two year experience that impacts the people they serve as well as their own future as informed and engaged global citizens.

Peace Corps Ecuador is a learning organization that embraces change and is inclusive in nature, welcoming diversity and testing new ideas to meet the needs and demands of changing times.

To be sure, Ecuador will challenge your spirit, intellect and ideas as you offer service to others. Although you will leave your home for 2 years, Ecuador will forever become part of your heart when you return to the U.S. During your service, you will have gained tremendous understanding and insight that deepens the irreplaceable cultural exchange which lies at the heart of Peace Corps.

Michael A. Donald
Country Director
Peace Corps Ecuador