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Director's Welcome

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We are looking forward to the opportunities and challenges of the new year in this beautiful land known as “The Middle of the World.” Peace Corps has been working alongside the people of Ecuador since 1962, and we appreciate the contribution of every Peace Corps Volunteer, partner, counterpart, community member, and staff member throughout our shared history. Together we are building relationships and making a positive difference for the people of Ecuador.

Ecuador extends from the Amazon region to the Galapagos islands, with the Andes mountains and coastal regions in between, and has enormous cultural, ethnic, linguistic, geographic, and biological qualities that contribute to the richness found throughout this beautiful country. In 1962 the Ecuadorian government and people invited us, and more than 6,500 Volunteers have served this diverse nation over these past six decades. After completing training, our Volunteers have integrated into host communities throughout all four regions and have supported local initiatives under current programs that strengthen education (Teaching English as a Foreign Language), promote resilient families (Youth and Families Development), and enhance healthy communities (Health and Well-being). We have developed and continue to develop strong partnerships with the national government ministries, local government offices, schools, universities, and non-profits, enabling more opportunities for our Volunteers to have a strong impact. All this would not be possible without the strong commitment of our highly skilled staff guiding our training, administration, medical, safety and security, and technical programs.

Since weathering the world-wide evacuation due to the pandemic and celebrating our 60th anniversary in Ecuador, we are growing our Volunteer numbers and initiatives. We are projected to surpass 100 Volunteers in 2024. We continue growing our three programs and expanding our geographic coverage. And we are very excited to establish our first Peace Corps Response program focused on Global Climate Change adaptation.

We thank you for your support and invite you to Ecuador to partner with us on this journey to promote world peace and friendship.

Please see our annual report.

Michael A. Donald
Country Director
Peace Corps Ecuador