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Country Director's Message

Dear prospective Volunteers, Returned Volunteers, friends and families,

Welcome to the Peace Corps Eastern Caribbean webpage and please enjoy exploring information, advice, and resources concerning life as a Peace Corps Volunteer. Whatever brings you here, if you are just browsing, or if you have already applied to our Post, I hope there is a lot you can learn about life in the Eastern Caribbean and Volunteers’ unique role in it.

This is a great time to join the Peace Corps Eastern Caribbean team of staff and Volunteers. It has been momentous and gratifying to receive Volunteers again and see the impact they have on their students, colleagues, and communities. Our host country partners have responded with enthusiasm and a desire to host more Volunteers as students return to the classroom and a sense of normalcy after two years of the COVID pause. Peace Corps Eastern Caribbean is proud to be part of this and we welcome support from new Volunteers. So, know that you are very welcome!

A unique aspect of Peace Corps Eastern Caribbean is the chance for Volunteers to serve in four countries. Our operations span across Dominica, Saint Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and Grenada; all four are independent windward island nations in the Eastern Caribbean. Each country is remarkable for its lifestyle, natural beauty, as well as its warm and hospital culture. They are also renowned tourist destinations, bringing both challenges and benefits to these small, developing countries.

As a Volunteer you will work closely with your partners in communities across one of the islands, and will experience the authentic culture firsthand as you make strides to positively impact the people you work with. It is as true today as it was at the launch of Peace Corps in 1961 that the Peace Corps experience is truly transformative and has a lasting impact on the individual who accepts Volunteer service overseas. The communities of the Eastern Caribbean also benefit from strong community bonds and deep personal relationships with the Volunteer they host.

I hope you continue to draw inspiration from what brought you to Volunteer service and stay true to your goals. Service is not without challenges. That is why authenticity and inner purpose will be an anchor to hold on to when things get tough. Our staff is dedicated, well trained, and equipped to support you.

All the important elements are in place to help you succeed: four great host countries, enthusiastic partners eager to embrace their work with Volunteers, committed staff, and clearly defined opportunities to do good and move the needle on educational success.

Peace Corps Eastern Caribbean’s main project is English literacy in the primary school, and it offers wonderful opportunities to help young people grow and learn. Your impact will extend beyond classroom walls as you discover numerous opportunities to serve and support in your community.

Along with our focus on building literacy for primary school children, we are committed to supporting local efforts to raise awareness about climate change, mitigating the adverse effects of COVID-19 in education, and working with youth to prepare for life as citizens of tomorrow. Perhaps above all we are committed to engaging with our Caribbean partners to mobilize our communities for action.

Peace Corps Eastern Caribbean is an organization that embraces change and is inclusive in nature, welcoming diversity and testing new ideas to meet the needs and demands of changing times. We strive for measurable and sustainable development with realistic project goals, objectives, and indicators that align with the goals of our host countries. Volunteers work together with local counterparts to accomplish these goals and make a lasting impact on the people we serve. The success of our Post depends on the commitment and dedication of our Volunteers.

We look for Volunteers who want to contribute and who want to make a 27-month commitment. We want people who see the Peace Corps’ mission of peace and goodwill as part of their values and a worthy investment of their time and effort, and who see growth in the challenges of living and serving overseas. If opening yourself to new opportunities, learning new skills, and entering relationships with the communities of the Caribbean peoples has meaning for you, then we in Peace Corps Eastern Caribbean are ready to welcome you.

Anna Todorova

Country Director, Peace Corps Eastern Caribbean

Saint Lucia | Grenada | Saint Vincent and the Grenadines | Dominica