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This project is led by Meta Tshiteya, a Volunteer from Minnesota

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Club members during a team bulding activity.
Meta facilitates the Youth Professional Development Trip.
The project is a Youth Professional Development Trip and Career Fair. The first part of the project is to bring twenty exemplary girls and boys, middle and high school students of the community to a Youth Professional Development Trip, where they will have an opportunity to learn and develop personal, educational, and professional skills. The students will leave on Thursday, June 14 and return on Sunday, June 17. The students will participate in educational sessions which will take place in the  conference room, at the University. The opportunity grants the student’s exposure to university life and interactions with college students. As well, it presents an opportunity to visit various businesses and organizations that are only present in Lome, including meeting a diverse group of female professionals. The purpose of the field trip is to provide a space for the students to learn life skills, be exposed to professional female role models, and acquire career development tools necessary to become responsible and successful leaders in their community and beyond.

The second part of the project is the Career Fair, which will take place on Monday, June 18 at the middle and high school. The entire school community will take part in a fair where the students will not only have the opportunity to meet and interact with six men and women from diverse professions but get to learn more about what careers really interest them and the steps it takes to pursue those professions. Understanding the process for each profession is especially important for middle school students because during their first year of high school is when they have to make their final choice of course or area of study; this will influence what they will study for university thus their future careers. This half-day event will bring in female professionals, thus allowing the students to recognize the endless potential women have in Togo. An opportunity to influence and motivate the female students to realize their own capacity in their education and future career endeavors. The Career Fair provides a platform for developing connections between the students' course-selection and their future occupational opportunities.

To ensure that the organization and management of the project is successful and that the students' experiences are further enriching, we will be partnering with an NGO, which supports girls’ education and empowerment. As a Togolese based organization, the students will have the opportunity to meet with Pathways Togo alumnae, women, who have not only been successful in their academics but who model the possibilities women can have in Togo. The Pathways alumnae will be participating in the Youth Professional Development Trip as trainers. They will be facilitating sessions, assisting the students with activities, and being a help with the management of the students. Their presence will inspire and motivate the students, especially the female students, to further their endeavors in life.

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