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This project is led by Andrea Arian Aribe, a Volunteer from Florida

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The Leadership Camp will be held December 11-13. The three-day camp will serve at least sixty middle-school aged students from six different communities between the two provinces. The camp will be run by youth leaders along with six Peace Corps Volunteers and their respective counterparts. The purpose of the camp is to equip students with knowledge and skills in six areas: gender equality, self-esteem, positive identity, self-confidence, leadership, and healthy relationships. With the support of the Peace Corps Volunteer and Thai counterparts, youth will be motivated and prepared to start their own clubs and camps when they return home to their schools, further educating their peers to create positive change in their communities.

The director of the education department at the local municipal office is committed to this project. She and her team along with the Peace Corps Volunteer worked together to develop a budget, allocate resources, and devise innovative strategies to fill gaps where support is lacking. She attended the 2019 Gender and Youth Leadership Training of Trainers. Without direct intervention from the Peace Corps Volunteer, she discussed planning, budget, and logistics with the school director and teachers at the local school and received their support of the youth leadership activities. In addition, the local municipal office and schools are planning on providing labor, equipment, and food as cash and in-kind contributions. For equipment, they will be supplying a projector, projector screens, laptop, flash drive, microphones, speakers, and surge protectors. As far as labor, the community members have offered their time and effort to assist with planning, set-up, check-in, facilitation, and clean-up of the camp. This shows substantial buy-in from the local municipal office and schools, showing the sustainability of the program. The Leadership Camp will reach beyond the confines of the one-time camp experience. The last day of the camp will be dedicated to formulating a collaborative action plan with the youth and counterparts, allowing them to serve as role models for their peers and share the lessons taught in the camp with the members of their own communities. Through community support and contribution, youth will be able to implement their own projects post-camp in their own communities thus providing a widespread impact throughout their communities.

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