Youth Empowerment Summit: East

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This project is led by Joshua Son, a Volunteer from Virginia

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Currently girls and boys in Georgia are raised in a conservative environment, facing traditional gender norms on a daily basis. Girls not having much opportunities to show up their full potential, if at all. While boys are faced to rigid gender norms that they are imposed from early childhood. Considering the same gender inequitable environment in the school with gender blind text books, basically there is no safe space for young girls and boys to talk about their issues, to understand themselves and each other more, identify their own strengths and weaknesses and come up with the ways of creating gender equitable environment for their personal and community development. The goal of the Youth Empowerment Summit is to educate youth - both girls and boys on the topics of leadership, collaboration, asset identification, utilizing technology and sustainable projects development for the successful execution of school and/or community-based clubs and to empower them to be leaders and agents of change in their communities. This summit will facilitate an open dialogue where both girls and boys will work together to better understand each other’s needs and look for solutions to build their future in a gender equitable community. We will foster these discussions by holding trainings during a weekend summit for youth and Volunteers focusing on working together to create successful clubs in their communities. There will be a training at the summit on project design and management. This training will teach the youth everything they need to run their own clubs. The summit will also have a club planning workshop, where the youth will work with their Peace Corps Volunteer counterparts to write an implementation plan for their club. Additionally, we will conduct a session about how to utilize technology in the best ways to promote their clubs and maintain a high level of participation. The impact of this project is much bigger than the 20 girls and boys who will attend the summit. The students will come from 10 different communities (two students from each, preferably one girl and one boy) in eastern Georgia. Each pair will be accompanied by a Peace Corps volunteer stationed in their area. The students will take the new knowledge they gain at the summit and use it to start clubs for other youth back home, while serving as peer mentors to other youth in their communities.
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