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This project is led by Sara Pipe-Mazo, a Volunteer from Massachusetts

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Youth Center
The Training Center

The goal of this project is to provide socially vulnerable youth in the local community, the target beneficiaries of a local NGO, necessary business and employability skills to increase their future successes. While working together with their beneficiaries, staff at the NGO have noticed that many youth do not know what professions are available to them and how they can match their passions with a future career. But this knowledge is not enough. Without the necessary employability skills, many socially vulnerable youth are overlooked for jobs. The project will create a training center at the NGO. While the NGO has conducted many trainings, a formal space with computers and training technology does not exist. Over the course of the project, there will be two simultaneous trainings over 12 weeks; computer literacy classes focused on the Microsoft Suite and employability and business trainings. At the end of the 12 weeks, we expect youth to have a better understanding of their future opportunities and encourage them to apply for furthered trainings, educational opportunities and employment.

With their former Peace Corps Response Volunteer, the organization conducted a staff-wide workshop to identify priorities for the next year within the organization. Two priorities stuck out: youth business and employability skills trainings for socially vulnerable beneficiaries and an IT computer club. By combining both these ideas, this grant was born from the wants of the organization after thoroughly assessing the needs of their beneficiaries and communities. 

A NGO staff members has been working on a project to address various employability needs for the youth in in three regions across Georgia. From her project, the youth asked for more trainings regarding working in a social enterprise and any other employability and business trainings for future careers. From these conversations, we included the social enterprise training as well as a variety of well-rounded business and employability topics to meet the request of the youth in the community. 

The NGO is always seeking out various opportunities to benefit youth in the local community. The creation of this training center would allow them to execute further trainings in the future at minimal to no cost. The laptops and projector screen provided in this project can be used for trainings in a myriad of topics, as well as furthered computer classes through a “computer club” with the IT Specialist. The IT Specialist has expressed an interest in opening up this club, in the future, to both youth and adults in the community after assessing the results of this first training.

Another staff member currently runs training for youth about Media and Journalism. Her Media and Journalism trainings would benefit from the creation of the training center allowing youth to visualize their designs and work on projects on the computer and broadcast them for the class on the new projector screen. 

Staff members have also requested excel trainings from the PCV. The training center would allow a central location for these additional trainings and the staff would continue to build capacity and sustain the trainings beyond the scope of this project.  

The organization will send out a survey in June to follow-up with participants and decide if additional trainings are necessary. Lastly, once all materials are compiled and organized, the trainers can replicate these trainings for other youth in future years or from other communities. One of the trainers is a member of CHCA (one of the NGOs in Georgia) and can continue to use these trainings with CHCA beneficiaries to spread the impact and further her own professional development.

To ensure the safety and well-being of the new computers, they will remain locked in the training center when not in use. We are specifically purchasing laptops so that they are only in the room for trainings that need computers and will remain locked in a cabinet at all other times. There is one member of staff who possesses all of the keys and she will safeguard the computers. 

Wa have discussed anti-virus software and will buy and install the most relevant and necessary software to ensure the computers’ safety. 

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