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This project is led by Sedem Adiabu, a Volunteer from New Jersey

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Sedem and local counterparts will work to improve the mother's shelter
This project seeks to improve the maternity shelter

This Youth Development Program consists of a) the renovation of the current school's resource center which will serve to aid the education gap and promote healthy activities, and b) buidling a maternity shelter to help mitigate maternal mortality rates in this region. Early childhood marriage/pregnancies are deep-rooted problems that are common and affect the community economically, academically and socially. The local rural health center caters to 6,008 patients annually. The average age of mothers is 14-17 years old. Many complications arise and mothers require transport to the nearest hospital which is 22k away. A shelter will mitigate these issues and decrease the number of complications during child birth.

The local primary school caters to over 400 children from 10 areas. The physical structure of the school has 7 classrooms, but only 5 are operational. The school was built in 1932. Since then, there has been little to no renovations and it has been neglected by the Ministry of Education. The renovation of the resource center along with the current classroom block will provide students the opportunity to receive quality education and expand their learning with books, games, and career building information for adolescents to build capacity and increase the chances of continuing school. Lack of engagement and adequate resources are the number one reason why adolescents in the region shy away from completing or remaining in school. The main goal of this project is to increase capacity in the target population by increasing the amount of students continuing school.

The Local Primary School Head Master, deputy, teachers, clinic staff and community members have petitioned several times to receive community development funds from the District in order to renovate the school. In addition, the local SMAG (Safe Motherhood Action Group) has being raising awareness and fundraising to build a maternity shelter to assist with the increasing amount of pregnancies each month.

The community has held meetings to learn more about the needs of students and mothers. By providing additional resources such as iron sheeting and cement, the community will be able to come together and complete both the resource center and the maternity shelter. The school has put together a committee which is in charge of seeing the project through and maintaining the facilities. As part of the community involvement, the teachers are in agreement to set funds aside monthly for infrastructure maintenance. The clinic staff has agreed to use funds to help with the workshops, building and maintenance. In terms of labor, the community members are willing to perform building repairs when necessary. The resource center will also serve as a meeting place for the community BRO and GLOW clubs, youth friendly corner, and Positive Living Groups.

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