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This project is led by William Nguyen, a Volunteer from California

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The youth entrepreneurship project, aims to improve the skills of youth entrepreneurship in music and weaving and personal development skills. In the community, students and former students are part of musical orchestras and some of our students already support their families by participating in local bands, providing a source of income with this activity, in the same way that women carry out embroidery with unique characteristic designs of the area. However, both activities require improvement of their technique in order to be more sustainable and beneficial as a source of income. In addition, the project aims to improve youth entrepreneurial skills so that the youths can manage their own human and material resources as well as acquire new skills to have a more positive impact on their quality of life. For this purpose, students will receive training in strengthening their musical skills and in weaving wherein two professors who specialize in the topics will come to the town to give workshops and trainings on the topics. 

Furthermore, students and teachers will be trained on how to create a business plan in order to better manage these economic activities, and will produce at the end of the workshops, business plans for the future utilizing their skills. Professors of the school and parents will be trained in communication and how to support their children, which will be overseen by the career professor; the training in the subject of life project will be in charge of the coordinator of tutoring with the support of the Peace Corps volunteer. The activities that will be developed are workshops on different topics of school youth entrepreneurship and personal development; the project guarantees the participation and support of the educational community. The teachers, who will also receiving training on business planning and entrepreneurship, will apply an interdisciplinary pedagogical project oriented to the development of youth school entrepreneurship skills by the end of the workshops, the Association of Parents of the Community (APAFA) will receive training on communication and support as well, and the community will support facilitating a communal place so that the workshops are carried out. The municipality will finance the payment of the specialists and the implementation of the final recital and exposition.

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