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This project is led by Irene Trabuco, a Volunteer from New York

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The women's club president and village nurse who demonstrates leadership and kindness.

The goal of the educational trip is to expose 12 young village ladies, ages 14-18 years old to diverse career opportunities, recreational activities, health and welfare awareness outside of the village. During a 6 day trip to the capital city, the young ladies will be able to visit the following places: Parliament, Radio Station, Television Station, and Non-Government Organizations that focus on women’s empowerment. This will provide a new perspective of the roles that women have in the work place, and the variety of career options accessible to them. They will also gain awareness of the support resources available for women while enjoying recreational activities that they may not have access to in their village.

Accompanying the young ladies will be 4 mothers, who are also members of the village women’s club. The women will assist in supervising and be involved in the activities during the trip. This will provide them with the skills to support the young ladies development in their village after returning from the educational trip. The community as a whole is excited for the young ladies to have this opportunity as they see that they could benefit from being exposed to positive experiences. Therefore, the members from the women’s club have offered to participate in the planning, arranging lodging and fundraising to support the young ladies and their trip to the capital.

When the trip is completed, the young ladies will compile a booklet that will profile each of them, the agencies they visited and what they have learned. Each will receive a booklet and be encouraged to share this resource with their families and with the community. This booklet can serve as a resource to reference as a motivational tool. A gathering will be arranged in the community hall and the young ladies will invite community members, especially younger members and share their experiences. This gives them the opportunity to review what they learned during the educational trip. The impact of this experience is to demonstrate to these young ladies that their future is in their hands and that they matter in their community. This will impact the development of the community by promoting equal opportunity for women.

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