Young Girls in School Journalism

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This project is led by Hana Admassu, a Volunteer from Maryland

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Young girls marching on day Vyshvanka.
Hana works with her counterparts to facilitate the Young Girls in School Journalism project.
"Young Girls in School Journalism" project will allow girls to generate and share their knowledge, ideas. and experience and to actively participate in discussions and decision-making process in their school community. Girls face many obstacles around the world and often times they are not being given equal opportunities as their male counterparts. Therefore, engaging them in school journalism will provide them the opportunity to learn new substantial skills and create opportunities to report and discuss relevant and challenging topics that affect young girls/women in their community and in the society as a whole.

The main objective of the project will focus on Journalism and Active Citizenship training and approximately 30 girls and boys will be participating. The goal of this training is to allow girls and boys to show and further develop their creative skills, digital skills, critical and analytical thinking skills to analyze and evaluate problems, develop leadership and program management skills, journalism skills ( i.e interviewing, public speaking, reporting, blogging, photo and videography, article writing skills) . And most importantly both girls and boys will feel empowered, included and equally important throughout the development of this project. The second objective of this project aims to educate 20 or more teachers about gender norms and how that affects girls advancement in different spheres of life. After receiving training, teachers will continue to get involved in this project to support and encourage girls empowerment. This project is supported by both the school and local community and training will be conducted by trained professionals from the school and outside the community.

Both the school and outside community support this project and they serve as the main driving force. This project was initiated after some students expressed their interest in journalism clubs and school directors approach the PCV to discuss project ideas. The PCV has met with the directors to go over the overall process of grant writing and sat down with the Assistant Director, and one of the English teachers to write this grant. After deciding to proceed with this project, the Assistant Director contacts the local community Active Citizenship and PDM trainers and gladly agreed to conduct the training for free.  Other community members and students will also be involved in every step of the project and will play a big role in the implementation stages.

The school community will be fully responsible to ensure the sustainability or continuity of the project after the grant is closed. The school directors will be in charge of managing and monitoring the project along with participant students and teachers. 

Trained students and teachers will also be training other students to transfer skills and to make sure the continuity of the project. In order to do that, the school will create a board including trained  students and teachers will  be in charge of training new students, managing and creating ideas for journalism club, online blog, school newspaper, and organizing events with the help and guidance of the school assistant director who is also responsible for the journalism club and any other media-related tasks,The board will include 20 to 25 students and at least 10 teachers. At least five students and two teachers will work together each week and they will be assigned tasks (based on interest) to produce one news article and update it on the school website/facebook, update blog once  per week, pick a topic and write scripts for daily informational school radio session and organizing journalism-related events. Weekly meetings will be conducted to evaluate the project and address any issues. The meeting will take place at the school board room.  We have already identified another room which, that will be used for all journalism-related activities and it will be a daily meeting place to carry out assigned daily tasks. 

In order to ensure quality work  and build ongoing individual skills, the participant will continue working with the local trainers who will be providing free ongoing training at least once a month. 

The school will also be responsible for maintaining and proper handling of all equipment that will be purchased with this grant. Equipments will be used under the guidance of the school assistant director and will be locked and kept in the office when not being used if any minor damages occur or updates are needed to any of the equipment, the school has a professional IT and equipment maintenance tech at the school who will be performing those tasks.                  

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