Ybytyruzu Computer Lab

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This project is led by Mitchell Mahar, a Volunteer from Oklahoma

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This agricultural community located in the Guaira region maintains its economy through subsistence agriculture and working as day laborers in neighboring towns. Located on the border of the Ybytyruzu forest reserve, our community is seeking to increase the technological capacity of the children and youth in the area with the support of community members through the establishment of a computer lab in the local elementary school. The technological competency required by an ever-increasing global and technological world makes it necessary for our young people to migrate to other areas in order to train and access new technologies. The conceptualization of this project came from the idea of having a computer lab installed in the local elementary school in order to prevent children and young people from being stuck in an educational system that both limits them and leaves them relegated in the current blue-collar labor competency. If we can install a computer lab in the elementary school, then we can support the community by training teachers who can teach their students basic computer operations. This will increase the students work capacity, as well as providing them with the possibility to have the same opportunities as that of their more urban colleagues. In conclusion, the main goal is to allow young people to be part of the global and technological world and to help strengthen their development.

The community itself is the main driver of the generation of this project. This project was conceptualized through their voiced concerns at the local PTA (comité de los padres) meetings. It is their opinion that the best course of action is to accompany the training of their children with technological elements. Current computer operation opportunities are especially difficult due to the general lack of facilities in the area and travel expenses plus high enrollment expenses in the areas of the country that do offer such opportunities. In response to this, it is the general consensus of the teachers, principal, Peace Corps Volunteer, and parents of students that the installation of a computer lab will build the capacity needed to offer new opportunities to the citizens and youth of the area.

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