Write On! Conference of Champions and Regional Workshops, 2018

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This project is led by Mark Demik, a Volunteer from California

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The international Write On! competition engages students, teachers and professionals across the world in one of Peace Corps’ most successful events. Currently taking place in 20 Peace Corps countries on five different continents, Write On! is a creative writing competition that aims to increase the creative writing and thinking skills of its participants and give them an opportunity to imaginatively utilize their English education. 

Write On! was created by Peace Corps Georgia volunteers with support from Georgian counterparts in 2003 and aimed to spark the imaginations of Georgian students. It was an immediate success and its simple design and effectiveness has led to a steady increase in scope. While the participants in the competition have just one hour to craft their response to the official prompt they are provided, their participation in the competition begins long beforehand. Write On! prepares people for the competition by providing to volunteers and counterparts lesson plans that teach creative writing techniques. These lesson plans become useful tools for counterparts worldwide to continue using creative writing as a method to engage their students. 

This year, Write On! Georgia is planning a “Conference of Champions” that will recognize the accomplishments of national winners (who, last year, were selected from over 600 submissions). It is an opportunity for 1st, 2nd and 3rd placers in each competition level in Georgia to deepen their understanding of the creative process, and for their teachers to familiarize themselves with successful creative writing activities. The subsequent regional workshops will be an opportunity for the remaining participants to practice creative writing skills and will recognize the 1st, 2nd and 3rd regional winners of the competition. These events will raise the profile of the event within Georgia and ensure that creative writing and thinking receives the attention it deserves in classrooms around the world.

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