Primary School Renovation Project

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This project is led by Samantha Johnsen, a Volunteer from New York

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This project seeks to renovate the primary block of six classrooms plus the office. The primary level is the building block for the rest of a student's education. With this foundation, the students can succeed and move higher in their education. This project will thus be a contribution to helping build a good foundation for students in the community. The primary block renovations will include general painting, educational murals, fixing/building new chairs, tables, student desks, doors, and cupboards. We will be installing marker boards and light bulbs into each classroom. For the office, we will be cutting a door frame into the wall, so that there is a door into the storage room. The project will advance the school and push them towards an enhanced educational environment that will encourage parents to enroll their children in the school.

An initial assessment was completed by the Peace Corps Volunteer, Samantha, using a PACA (Participatory Analysis for Community Action) tool. The tool is called a needs assessment and priority matrix. She completed this activity with each Junior High School (JHS) class and with the teachers and supporting staff. We did this with the JHS students because they have the student perspective that we needed. In the priority matrix with the teachers, it was seen that they were more interested in renovating the primary block building and retrieving more teaching learning materials. She noted those who were very passionate about this area of work and started asking questions of how to specifically fix these issues and what they dream to do for the school. From there, the project started developing. Women were equally a part of the planning process, giving their inputs on how to make the project successful. For this project, we have two counterparts who have been actively involved. One counterpart, is going to oversee the work of the carpenter to get all the tables, chairs, cupboards, and doors. The other counterpart is going to work on the office and the electrical fixing of the classrooms. The first thing that is going to need to happen is fixing of the doors to ensure that when we start putting things in the classrooms, there is no damage done to the new furniture. Once this is done, the painting will commence after which the marker boards will be installed, the desk and chairs will be added and the lightbulbs will be added. The classrooms will then be ready for the students' use.

This project will be placed in the hands of the school and will be the school’s responsibility for sustaining the benefits derived from this project. This past term, we started a moringa farm in the school farm. The moringa should start growing and be able to harvest within five months from now. With the moringa trees, we will collect the leaves, seeds and roots and sell them. With the moringa leaves, we can make powder that can be used in food. The seeds can also be used to make a lotion. All these products will be sold at our local market which will generate income specifically for any cost for sustaining the project, in addition to any support that comes from the community and District government officials.

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