Women's Seminar Series: Skill-Building, Self-Empowerment, Socialization

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This project is led by Christina Steenson, a Volunteer from Virginia

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In our village, women spend their days fulfilling their maternal and domestic duties as their husbands or other family members are working abroad; however, these Moldovan ladies still have underutilized potential and personal goals left unmet. On a daily basis, these home-makers inevitably face gender-specific issues that negatively affect their lives, such as, a lack of access to further education, lack of opportunities for hard and soft skill development, experiencing anxiety/loneliness/depression, set gender roles/stereotypes/societal pressures, and poor quality of medical services/lack of healthcare.

Our goal is to directly invest in women's abilities which will indirectly lead to a better future for their families, the community, and their country's workforce. Through a series of seminars, our objectives are to provide personal development growth, transferable skills, female-empowering discussions, much-needed women's rights support, and lastly, fill the void of a safe place for women to congregate and socialize. In repairing an existing room within the centrally-located Mayor's Office building, these seminars will be carried out in a 3 month time span to at least 15 women by female-only guest speakers with specialties in women's rights, law enforcement, health, education, and Moldovan culture preservation through the arts. Community contribution will be the donated room (plus new flooring and a new door) and construction labor/transportation of materials all provided through the Mayor's Office, in addition to, female community members will voluntarily offer their expertise and support as guest speakers, a volunteer team of at least 6 youth and 8 adults will help lead activities and/or donate food, and lastly, local institutions (Creative Center, "Philanthropy" Community Center, library, school, Mayor's Office, Social Assistance Initiative, NGO "Contemporary Woman") will all collaborate with us on one or more seminar activities through volunteering their time and resources.

All in all, as we lend a hand and a safe space through this project to rural mothers, wives, sisters, aunts, and Godmothers, we relay to our community that women are not only important but truly deserve an investment to cultivate their abilities and empower their civic participation. For years to come, the community-led resource space activities will sustain its mission of discovering voices, uncovering potential and giving power in knowledge--all supporting the basic human right of the pursuit of happiness.

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