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This project is led by Chelsea Bajek, a Volunteer from New York

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The Community's Council of Women (PCW) is requesting assistance in obtaining sewing machines and other related supplies to facilitate training workshops for the women of the community, to teach them skills in various handicrafts, such as sewing, weaving, painting, and flower decoration. PCW President will oversee the classes, which they plan to offer every other Friday, twice a month. A room has been set aside for this purpose at the Local Market House. The PCW President has significant experience as a tailor and has already facilitated several successful workshops with the mamas. PCW has existed for almost 40 years (since 1980). With 6 executive members and close to 1000 members, its main goals are to create opportunities for women's economic development and empowerment. This project falls within the Provincial Development Program guidelines concerning the improvement of the living standard of the people. It will meet numerous needs for the local citizens, by providing valuable teaching and skill-building, which may be used to create economic opportunities for the women, and also further promote traditional custom and tourism. The women hope to sell some of their wares in a small handicraft store, a portion of the proceeds of which would go back into supporting the teaching workshops, ensuring the sustainability of the project. This project would benefit not just the local community, but the surrounding communities, by providing valuable skills to the women, which may be used for economic and social advancement.

The training workshops will be free to anyone interested in attending. After the training, a modest fee will be charged to rent sewing machines and use materials. If women chose to sell any handicrafts, a portion of the sale proceeds will go back into the PCW fund. This money will be used to purchase additional supplies and to facilitate future trainings.

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